About Kelly

Hi! My name is Kelly. I'm a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and have been practicing for about 3 years. I am very passionate about women's health, sexual health, and reproductive education, and have been since my senior year in nursing school, about 10 years ago. I currently work in a private practice OB/GYN office; I previously worked in a family planning clinic for about 2 years.

I spent some time in a women's and sexual health clinic during nursing school. It was there that I was first exposed to the overall poor education of women about their anatomy, hormones, and safe sex practices. I also observed that many women didn't feel comfortable being open and honest about their health and sexual history. It was this clinical alone that changed my focus as a healthcare provider. I'll be honest, I had a lot of friends and family that were also uneducated or misinformed about reproductive and sexual health, and for years I was included in this group of people. However, I was unaware of the substantial impact this lack of education surrounding sex could have on a woman's health.

The goal of my website, vlog, and podcast is to do three things: Educate, Empower, and Interact. I strive to educate on women's health, sexual, and reproductive health. This education will help empower you, as a woman, to be an advocate and take command of your own body and the decisions that are made about it. Also, I want to interact with you, because that's the only way I'll know what you need to know. If you have questions, ask them!